How COVID-19 created an opportunity for something bigger.

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Pivot. Rethink. Reinvent. Change. New normal. These are the buzzwords we’re all hearing, but what does it actually look like to take an idea and quickly run with it? Well, that’s what we’ve achieved with the annual Connect Conference. What everyone thought COVID-19 had stopped, has been reborn into something far more exciting, far bigger and more engaging than ever.

Global lockdown forces everyone to think differently!

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Conferences are cancelled. Church communities are pre-recording services and pointing their members to YouTube videos and Facebook Live events, but what we miss out on in both these scenarios is community. COVID-19 has forced us all to re-invent, innovate and get creative. In many cases, online video is about convenience. Quick fixes. But without the right solutions, we’re starving our community, depriving them of the space to process, together.

3 brand stories that use emotion to sell and what you can learn.

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Do you consider audience and platform during the story development process?

Great stories tap into human emotion. Online viewers are becoming more sophisticated decision-makers and they’re increasingly cynical of the paper thin claims made by advertisers. Film-makers will often start with a compelling story, however, there is a lot to learn from a classical marketing process for creating greater engagement with audiences. People are being bombarded with messages from every direction. As content producers, and storytellers how are you considering the audience when developing your stories? And does platform play a role in influencing the direction your story will go?

The enemy of success is…

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The enemy of success is assumed knowledge. We must ask questions and be prepared to listen carefully to remain relevant and effective in all we do. It’s critical that we continually test our assumed and learned knowledge.

Disruption is good!

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In the context of innovation, disruption is what keeps the wheels of progress moving. For most businesses, disruption will mean change. If you think you dislike change, then think again. It’s time to rethink and learn to love what disruption can contribute.
If the root of your vision is viable then it’s essential you hold lightly to how you do what you do, look for the opportunities disruption could lead you to, and you will still be able to stay true to that original seed of what good your company contributes to the world.

Buckland & McCusker vs Smith

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1917 won Oscars for Cinematography, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects, but it was surprising that it was not also nominated for Best Achievement in Film Editing.
The film compresses events through a visually compelling continuous on-screen performance without the appearance of interruption using cuts, but it’s certainly not the absence of editing that disqualified 1917 from a nomination.

Bitmoji TV – Starring me!

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Bitmoji TV is not Snapchat’s first play at episodic TV. In 2018, 130 million Snapchatters watched Bitmoji Stories. We should expect non-traditional forms of TV to increase in 2020.

Who’s the audience and what’s the right platform?

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Suspend your media-platform biases and rethink everything. 2020 will usher in more sophisticated story engagement methodologies than the previous decade as platforms open more opportunities than ever. Screen composition, story structure and engagement platforms. Increasingly, everything we knew will need to be reimagined.

The future looks good for niche streaming rights holders

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The fate of cable, satellite and traditional terrestrial television has been sealed as Apple TV +, DC Universe, Disney + and Facebook Watch joined the growing list of platforms. Consumers can expect to see more fragmentation opening up opportunities for niche streaming players. The opportunity now is for special interest groups. Within the next 5 years I’d expect to see a tighter integration between content and engagement. It’s a great time for content consumers, creators and media platform developers.