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Get everyone on the same page with a great brief.

How writing a well thought through brief for your business or marketing objective can save you time, effort and money.

If you don’t take the time to work through the briefing process or give a badly written or poorly thought through brief, you won’t necessarily get the results you were looking to achieve.

Greater engagement online – 3 steps to success

Don’t get caught asking why your marketing campaign didn’t work. Do the hard work up front. Be a story strategist. Discover the 3 steps for creating greater engagement online. Starting with a solid strategy and a plan is key to getting what you need instead of just what you asked for.

Our first three years of business

image of mountains with fireworks behind

We are celebrating our third birthday and expressing our gratitude to our clients for their trust and support. Since our launch in March 2020, we have completed almost 70 sales contracts, providing a diverse range of services such as long-term marketing strategy, multi-day corporate conferences, television documentary productions, short promotional videos, streaming media platforms, and websites. Our team has grown, and we credit our success to our thinking, methodologies, and experience that give our clients confidence. We are committed to providing opportunities to local strategic and creative people to work on exciting projects all over the world, and we are determined to ask questions and dig deeper to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence and the Power of Disruptive Innovation

Artificial Intelligence and it's abbreviation AI are modern and emerging technologies.

There’s a lot of discussion about the future relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI). ChatGPT is one of the latest developments of interest in this field. Chat GPT is a Generative AI project and one of many examples of projects to emerge at the start of 2023.

Why we started our company

a creative design studio

Having finished up at my (Stu) last place of employment I started to get excited about the prospect of starting something new. We had owned and run a company once before and so we were not new to the complexities of setting up a business and the long hard yards that go into making a […]

Story Conversations

Story Conversations

Story Conversations is an interview program recorded live online for Social Media. The discussion centred around the art of story telling and we also explored how to engage people with stories about faith, spirituality and other existential themes. In the first episode we interviewed Screenwriter and YouTuber Simon Kennedy. We chatted for just over an […]

Christmas Holidays:

We’re taking a short break. Our office closes midday Friday 22 December and re-opens Monday 8 January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!