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How an act of customer service won me over at Woolworths

The importance of customer service in a successful marketing strategy is often overlooked. Great customer service can differentiate your brand, increase customer loyalty and provide valuable feedback. By prioritising exceptional service, brands can improve the customer experience, build stronger relationships and benefit from powerful word-of-mouth marketing. A personal experience with a friendly and polite cashier demonstrates the impact that good customer service can have on customers. Making customer service a priority can be the key to success.

3 brand stories that use emotion to connect, and what you can learn.

Brand stories that use emotion to connect

Great stories tap into human emotion Online viewers are becoming more sophisticated decision-makers and they’re increasingly cynical of the paper thin claims made by advertisers. Film-makers will often start with a compelling story, however, there is a lot to learn from a strategic marketing process for creating greater engagement with audiences. People are being bombarded […]

Television series commissioned by streaming media platform

The Origin

New Faith Network is a new and upcoming faith-based streaming platform. In 2017, the platform was launched from the Dutch media town of Hilversum and is now available to inspire families over seven countries, in and outside Europe. 

Story, Audience, Platform.

Story Audience Platform methodology

You need to pay more attention to Story, Audience and Platform and the co-relationship and priority between each of these. These three words: Story (S), Audience (A) and Platform (P) form the basis of a methodology we call S.A.P. Explorer. As you get to know Story Strategist you hear us refer to our methodology. Here, […]

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