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We eat strategy for breakfast. lunch. dinner.

We believe every brand, product or service starts with strategy. That’s why, when you ask us if we can build you a website, App, video, webinar or _____ (fill in the blank) we will ask, what’s brought you to this point? It’s a necessary part of the marketing process to ask appropriate questions and test our assumptions. Depending on the size of your project, this could be a quick or more lengthy process. Either way, the difference will show in the results.

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Stu Harris Photo 2023

Stu Harris

Director & CEO

Stu is a passionate communicator and has an extensive career in tech-marketing, film, television and the creative arts. He is an international vision caster and creative thought leader in the technology and entertainment industries. He has experience building successful, results-driven businesses and teams in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

He is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Story Strategist helping create more engaged audiences now.

He has had the privilege of leading teams for some of the world’s most innovative companies enabling technological and marketing innovation and creative vision. He has the unusual and highly sought-after combination of gifts including good business acumen, technology and a creative mind. 

He has been an Executive Producer for more than 30 short films in different genres including documentaries, personal stories and dramatic narratives. 

Stu has served in the creative industries for over 25 years, with more than a decade working in Product Marketing for Apple where he was Product Marketing Manager for Mac.

Stu’s creative interests started in photography. His work has been published in books, annual reports and magazines, hanging in corporate offices and in homes around the world. He is also the founder of Love in Action, a creative-cooperative brand that partners with organisations to help tell engaging stories of hope.

Stu has served as Chair of the Board for WorldShare for 10 years, an international non-profit helping support overseas grassroots organisations to see the lives of the most vulnerable people restored and transformed. He also serves on the board of CMAA, Christian Media and Arts Australia.

“If I wasn’t the Director of Story Strategist I would be a famous sailing YouTuber. But for the meantime, you can catch me drinking my espresso in the morning and DIY-ing the rest of the time.”

Jeanette Harris

Jeanette Harris

Director of Marketing & Strategy

Jeanette was inspired to work in marketing from her teens. From her very first lemonade stand to raise funds for charity, to leading teams managing and growing recognised, successful brands across the UK and Australia, with multi-million dollar budgets, to co-founding and leading Story Strategist today. She is a commercially-astute, strategic, brand vision caster who thrives on leading teams to embrace innovation and technology and reach well-articulated goals.

She has a 25+ year career in marketing spanning property, FMCG, retail, entertainment, and the not-for-profit sector. Jeanette has gained valuable experience and insight working both client and agency side, co-founding two successful companies, and leading teams to achieve the very best in marketing strategy, customer experience and business results.

“In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family, drinking coffee (or a glass of red wine); and going for a long run.”

I valued their extensive marketing experience to understand the power of an online conference and engagement with our stakeholders.


"Stu Harris is a natural strategist. His track-record for insight and advice to the world of media has been proven time and time again. More than that, he is a person of great integrity who delivers what he promises."


"Story Strategist executed with a level of excellence, innovation and attention to detail that I have been delighted with and has been the talk of local and international organisations – setting a standard that our organisation is certainly very proud of."


Story Strategist communicate well, stay on target and are the nicest people to work with. I highly recommend them.


"The team at Story Strategist were accessible, professional and friendly to work with."


"We had an excellent experience working with the team at Story Strategist! Their expertise, advice and support were outstanding and made our first webinar a stress-free success. I would highly recommend them to any organisation looking to use technology to connect and engage their community in new ways!"


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